Regular Video Wall

Our Solution Content

 EA600 use as Server and Player together in one machine.

 Under our network, one EA600 can control all the different player work.

 EA600 display 4K content to 3 x 42″ LCD Monitors as irregular display.

 EA1367 display 4 Full HD videos in 4 x 10.1″ LCD Monitors.

 SA101 display 3 different display zone, 2 with Full HD content.

Client Request

1. All the Content resolution must be Full HD or UP.

2. The Main Display (3×42″ LCD ) must be attractive, visitor will see it when they pass the booth.

3. The 4 different content play time for 4 x 10″ LCD Monitor, must be adjust to “start” and “stop” at the same time.

4. One monitor must be open 3 display zone, 2 zones must be Full HD Content.

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