EC005 Twin Monitor


►This Cabinet only make for size 19″ use.


Product Introduction

We are one of the very first companies who supply the gaming/gambling cabinets from Taiwan; you can design your own images on top or in front of the machines and customize its buttons panel or coin acceptor. With elegant black layout, smooth surface, and electroplated button panel, this EC005 Twin Monitor is the best choice if you are looking for a double screen, which is designed as size 19 inches; The most common to be used is in casino yet at the same time you can also use it as a vintage décor in the bar or at any kinds of exhibitions. Eago Enterprise offers various types, the most cost-effective but of the high quality game machine cabinets.



►Specification Standard:

*Dimension: 540mm × __mm × 1208 mm
*Package Dimension:
►Components Standard:
1. 19″ TFT LCD Bracket *2 PCS
2. Card Reader/ Bill Acceptor/ Ticket Dispenser Bracket *1 SET
3. PCB Box *1 PC
4. Cam Lock *2 PCS
5. Switch Lock *3 PCS
6. A/C Switch for turn on/off *1 PC
►Other Options:
1. 19″ LCD Monitor Optional.
2. Touch Panel Installation Optional.
3. Stand Optional.
4. Accept OEM Order.
5. Complete Cabinet with all components available.
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