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Amusement Push Button / Arcade Push Button / Vending Machine Parts


● Robust assembly

● RoHS certification approval

● Numbers of colors available

● Push buttons with LED or T10 Lamps


● Push Button Materials: Bezel- A.B.S; Cap/ Holder/ Nut: PC; Legend- PS

● Push Button Color of Cap/ Legend:

 Transparent/ White   Blue   Green   Red   Yellow

● Push Button Measurement: Dia 60mm/ Round

● Available Lamps of Push Button:

T10 Lamps, T10 LED Dip, T10 LED Square, T10 SMD

● Available Microswitch: .187/ .250 Types


● Replacement for amusement / arcade machines where robust, high profile round, illuminated and colored push buttons are needed,it comes with an LED, securing nut and a pre-installed long life horizontal microswitch. This will make your gaming machine brand new again, you can also use on any other types of industris such as Integrated designed art or Interactive design.

53159 Amusement Push Button-1

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