43" Curve Gaming Cabinet / 43" Curve Slot Cabinet - EATECH TECHNOLOGY CO.

43″ Curve Gaming Cabinet / 43″ Curve Slot Cabinet

This 32″ Straight Gaming Cabinet is most popular model for the Arcade or Slot cabinet. Perfect size and display, work for all the different model of software to running. LED lighting running around the machine, more attractive design. Our 32″ Straight Gaming Cabinet is customize. You can choose to work with your own Ticket or Bill Validator for different countries. All customize with Touch LCD 32″ or Non Touch 32″. Even the Push Buttons can be replaced for iDeck Control Panel. The 23.6″ Jackpot Display Monitor can is customize, you can choose to remove it with empty 43″ Curve Cabinet.




20 Feet38 Cabinets
Container40 Feet

75 Cabinets

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