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32″ LCD Monitor for Digital Menu Display

This 32″ NNB Monitor Display is the perfect display for Digital Menu or CCTV display use. Whether you use them facing outside to bring more customers or use them inside the store to keep them shopping longer,our 32 inches monitor will enliven your retail locations with informative consumer information screens or streaming video.Moreover, it can be used for education,casino & gaming,hospitality or event industries.Add up in a dramatic video wall or panoramic digital signage display.This optimal small sized,easy maintenance display is what we have to offer and it will convey your message with overwhelming style and precision.


Active Screen Size31.5inch
Display Area698.4 (H) x 392.85(V)mm
Outline Dimension727.4(H ) x 429(V) x 26(D)mmD: Max
Driver Elementa-Si TFT active matrix
Bezel Opening705.6(H) x 400.1(V)mm
Display Colors8 bitsColors
Number of Pixels1,920×1,080Pixel
Pixel Pitch0.3637 (H) x 0.3637 (W)mm
Pixel ArrangementRGB vertical stripe
Display Operation ModeNormally Black
Surface TreatmentAnti-Glare, 3HHaze=2%
Rotate FunctionUnachievableNote 1
Switch The Language

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