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23.6″ Gaming LCD Monitor for Jackpot Display

This 23.6″ Gaming Monitor is perfect size for Slot Machine or Arcade Display. Specially on Jackpot Display or Jackpot System. Whether you use them facing outside to bring more customers or use them inside the store to keep them playing longer. This 23.6″ Gaming Display Monitor work for many different brand of slot machine or arcade machine. Perfect replace for the original gaming or slot machine. This 23.6″ Gaming  Monitor also work for Art Display and Casino Machine Display. It fit for many different places and projects. Feel free to contact us for more information about this 23.6″ Gaming Monitor.


Active Screen Size23.6″InchJackpot Display
Display Area545.75(H) x 325.75(V)mm
Outline Dimension599.5(H) x 371.5(V) x 57(D)Mm
Pixel Pitch276.75(H) x 276.75(W)Mm
Pixel Format1920 horiz. by 1080 vert.
Color Depth16.7M colors (RGB 8 bits)Colors
Luminance. White300 cd/m2 (Typical)
Number of Pixels1920 x 1080Pixel
Viewing Angel(CR.10)Viewing angle free89/89/89/89
Display ModeNormally Black
Surface TreatmentAnti-Glare 25%, 3H
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